Born from a hobby in 2010, I felt it was time to share the Crows vision of providing artisanal ales to the public by 2013.
Beer is no longer about the golden color and's about going back to basics giving respect to the Malt, Hops, Yeast and Water.
My influence is definitely from the West-coast USA where craft beer is much more hop-centered.
The bitterness profile have increased tremendously, and the various aromas make west-coast variants very appealing to me. 

I have made it a CREED for Crows to always be a limited-batch brewery keeping its focus on quality rather than quantity. We like keeping our hands dirty providing what we like to brew best.

In 2017, I developed the 1st Craft Gin in the Philippines. A play of using botanicals from around the world together with Philippine citrus flora and fauna.  

Another 1st was providing our Gin another way - Barrel Reserve. I gave our gin the characteristics of charred  American Oak by making it rest in the barrel. The Spirits story is just beginning as I'm currently about to launch Crows Craft Whiskey.

In early 2018, We formed Crows Craft Brewing & Distilling Co. USA. 

The objective was to provide our Artisanal Beverage specifically our Spirits to the West Coast. 

I'm very excited to tell our story through the craft we have to offer. 

What's next for Crows ?
Definitely there will be more diversity in the Crows beverage line-up. Not all its craft will be alcoholic but it will always be true to its artisanal philosophy. #NotForEveryone